Course in Sports massage - for those who want to learn more

Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria offers you  a sports massage course as a further education to the basic massage course. The course is suitable for those who want to learn additional massage techniques, therapeutic stretching techniques as well as physical and sports injuries and their care and rehabilitation. The course is for 4 days and a large part of the course’s focus is on practical work.

Tip! Combine the course for Sports massage with our regular massage course and save 95€.
Andreas Törnstrand
Head teacher


På Massage & Spaskolan lär vi dig att bli Idrottsmassör!


Combination prices

Together with Massage therapist: 1 195€ (You save 195€)

Course dates 2023

24 – 27 October

Last day of entry/ registration and day of payment is September 24th


NOTE! Every course should have a minimum of 2-3 participants

What prior knowledge do I need for sports massage course?

The course for Sports massage is a further education and that means that you first need to have a diploma in massage before you can go our course. You may have already attained your diploma in massage with us at Massage & Spa School or  at another educational organizer.

If you are not yet already a massage therapist and are someone who would also like to educate yourself as a Sports massage therapist can also do so by combining these two vocational courses with us at Massage & Spa School. You also get this at a very good and discounted combination price.

Idrottsmassage för kroppen av Idrottsmassör

What do our previous students say?

Andres Silva. Idrottsmassage

“As an already trained massage therapist, I strongly believe in developing my skills with further education. At Massage & Spa School I got both that combined with vacation which was perfect. Recommended! “

-Andrés Silva, Norway

Veronica Nevrell pluggade Idrottsmassör

“Both courses for Massage and Sports Massage will be an unbeatable combination. Great teacher and a perfect blend of theory, practice and being able to enjoy the climate was a perfect mix. ”

Sports massage course and structure

The training is conducted on site in San Agustín, Gran Canaria for 4 intensive days with both teacher-led studies and self-study. The focus of the course is on practical work. Theoretical studies are continued with practice where students practice on each other and on the school’s practice clients. The training ends with a practical and theoretical test.

Sports masseur education and course content

-About sports massage, the purpose and effect of sports massage.

– Sports massage practical design, techniques, grips and uses.

-About physical and sports injuries, their care and rehabilitation.

– Therapeutic stretch.


The price includes Spanish VAT, course literature, access to a massage table, massage oil and a diploma after completion and approved course.

-Veronica Nevrell, Sweden

Hon studerade Idrottsmassör utbildnding utomlands

“The course was very intense but I learned a lot! It is important to get as much practice as possible and I got that in place after the course. “

-Jenny Alm, Sweden

                                                                  Terms of Registration

The course fee is paid no later than 30 days before the course starts. When leaving after the course starts, the part of the education that is proportionally retained after the period of education in which the student has participated, is regained. Transfer costs and an administrative cost of SEK 500 are not refundable regardless of when an ev. registration is done.

What is it like working as a sports massage therapist?

Working with massage is a fun, varied and physical job where you can work in many different environments. Take the chance to go through a really good continuing education that will allow you to also titulate you as a Sports massage therapist and that will give you additional tools to be able to treat your clients with.

After completing and approved sports massage training, it is common to work full-time or part-time as your own entrepreneur, where you can receive your own clients for sports massage treatment. It is also common to work in the gym, with sports associations, with individual athletes or at events and fairs.

Frequently answers and asked questions about our Sports Massage Course

Can I start the course for  sports massage right after the course for massage therapist with you?

Answer: Yes you can, as you said, if you do not already have an education as Massage therapist (through us or with other educators) you have to do that first. The course for Sports massage begins the next day after the course massage therapist.

Can I pay in parts for this education?

Answer: Yes, when registering for the program you can pay part 200€ (within 14 days of your registration) including a   registration fee of 150€ (your place is secured after a confirmation from us) and 50€ administrative cost (not refundable. The remaining part of the course cost must have been paid no later than 30 days before the course start.

I do not understand the difference with training in classical massage and a sports massage training?

Answer: A sports massage treatment is deeper, harder and more specific. Only one muscle or muscle group is treated with the aim of achieving a specific result. The pace is also significantly faster in a sports massage treatment. In comparison with a classic Swedish massage where you treat the whole body, at a slower pace with a medium hard pressure and where the main purpose is to have a relaxing effect.

Can I take this course with a friend?

Answer: Yes, you can be two students who complete this education without the need for more students. You decide for yourselves when you want to attend the course, the only requirement is that you are both 18 years of age and that both already have a diploma as a massage therapist.

Will I just give massage or will I also receive massages?

Answer: All our students will give and receive sports massage treatment equally during the course. During the course, our teachers go through part by part as well as grips and techniques twice, once when you get a massage and once when you give a massage to your classmate.

The course is short, will I be able to learn everything I need?

Answer: You will become a very good at sports massage during the course. We have deliberately chosen to hold small educational groups so that you as a student receive support and help from your teacher throughout the course. The focus of the course is practical work and learning techniques, treatment and grips which are then repeated over and over.