Spa therapist training in the world’s best year-round climate

Massage & Spa School offers you a short and intensive spa therapist training in beautiful San Agustín, Gran Canaria. During 10 intense days you will learn a new, fun and varied profession, the world’s best year-round climate is also included!.

We offer you fixed course dates for our courses but also flexible dates. This means that when you are at least two students who book our course for spa therapist, you can choose for yourselves when you want to go from September through May. You can thus choose for yourself when you want to start your education. All so that you as a student can choose what suits you best.

Tip! Combine the training to Spa therapist with the course to Massage therapist and save as much as 195€
Andreas Törnstrand
Head teacher in Massage



Combination prices

Together with Massage therapist          1 595€

(You save 195€)

Course dates 2020

27 September -6 Oktober

Last day of entry/ registration and day of payment is August 27th

20 November- 30 November

Last day of entry/ registration and day of payment is Oktober 20th

Disseminating your knowledge by being able to offer your future clients several different types of treatments is also something that we recommend. You do this perfectly by combining your spa therapist training with us at Massage & Spa School with one of our other vocational training courses to either Massage therapist and Sports massage therapist.

If you wish, we will help to arrange a discounted accommodation only with a 5 minutes walk from our classrooms in San Agustín.


NOTE! Every course must have a minimum of 2-3 participants

What do our previous students say?

“The expectations of such a challenge probably cannot be imagined beforehand, it was a storke of luck and an opportunity that I think everyone should take. You wil not regret it if you do this training to Spa therapist “

-Monica Lindfors, Sweden

If you choose to combine your spa therapist training with one of our other vocational training courses, you always do so at a very good and discounted price.

Read here on the right of the page what many of our talented former students say about their education at our school.

To take this education/course for spa therapist you do not need any prior knowledge at all, however you need to be 18 years of age


“For a long time I wanted to have my own practice and was eager to learn how to perform spa treatments. At the training I was given a good foundation to stand on where I learned to perform the largest and most common treatments without a lot of expensive appliances and aids. Being able to lie by the pool during my self studies was also a plus. ”

-Isabella Säll, Sweden

Spa therapist training and course structure

The training is conducted on site in beautiful San Agustín, Gran Canaria for 10 intensive days with both teacher-led studies and self-study. Theoretical studies are interspersed with practice where you get the opportunity to train on your fellow students. During the course of the course, our students will also receive practice clients from Massage & Spa’s regular clientele. The training ends with a practical and a theoretical test.

Spa therapist training and course content

-The history, ethics, morals and hygiene of the spa

-Spa massage, facial, facial massage, body scrub.

-Spamanikyr, spa pedicure.

-Customer service and sales technology.


The price also includes Spanish VAT, course literature, access to a massage table, products and diploma after completed and approved course.

“I went to all the school’s courses as a spa therapist, massage- and sports massage therapist and I am so incredibly pleased with my education. I also got a job directly after the courses with Den Skandinaviske Massør here in Gran Canaria.”

-Gunn Helen Estensmo, Norway

                                                             Terms of Registration

The course fee is paid no later than 30 days before the start of the course. Upon discontinuance after the course starts, the part of the education that is proportionally retained after the period of education in which the student has participated is returned. Transfer costs and an administrative cost of 100€ are not refundable regardless of when a discontinuance is done.

Working as a spa therapist is also a profession with very good prospects. It is also a profession that you take with you wherever in the world you want to live or work. It also places great demands on you to be attentive and to listen to your clients’ wishes for greater well-being and then apply this in your work. You really also need to like working with people according to their specific desires as needed.

After completing training for Spa Therapist at Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria, you are qualified to work as a Spa Therapist full-time / part-time.

As a trained Spa therapist, it is common to work in for example; beauty salons, hotels, spas, cruise ships and clinics. Many spa therapists also choose to start their own business to receive their own clientele.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Massage & Spa School Spa Therapist course

Can I pay in parts for the training to Spatherapist?

Answer: Yes, when registering for the program you can pay 200€ (within 14 days of your registration) including corresponding registration fee 150€ (your place is secured after confirmation from us) and 50€ administrative cost (not refundable). The remaining part of the course cost must have been paid no later than 30 days before the course start.

Can I become a skilled spa therapist in just 10 days?

Answer: Yes, the education is intensive and has a great focus on practical learning and practical work. The elements that are passed in the course are trained over and over again. We have also deliberately chosen to hold small educational groups precisely so that you as a student should have access to the teacher’s help and support at all times in each individual part o the course.

Is the training for Spa therapist the same as a training to become an Esthetician?

Answer: No, although they sometimes touch the same areas, a training for Esthetician is a deeper and longer education. A training for a spa therapist is a basic education that educates in the specific areas that the course contains.

Is the theoretical and practical test that ends the education difficult? What if I can’t pass them?

Answer: If you attend the daily teacher-led lessons and do the self-studies as you should, then it is usually no problem to pass neither the theoretical test nor the practical test. If, however, it is true that you do not pass any part of the tests, you can just do it again (and again if necessary) until you pass it. As yet, no student has left home from Massage & Spa School without his / her diploma, the tests are designed to provide the students with the best possible conditions in their new profession.

I want to go to education but can I bring along company that would not attend school?

Answer: Yes, for most of the year we can help you find a discounted nearby accommodation where you can stay together during the course period.

How do I get from the airport to where I will be staying?

Answer: Either by taxi or alternatively by bus (bus 001 or bus 090) which goes directly outside the airport to the stop just outside our partner’s accommodation in San Agustín. We will gladly advice you one you have done your registration and booked the accommodation.