Now you have the chance to study our online massage therapy course wherever you live in the world.

You can calmly focus on learning how to massage from the safe corner of the home. Our online massage therapy course is perfect for all of you who want to learn a deeper and more treating massage form.

In the course you will learn therapeutic massage concepts and how to give a therapeutic massage from beginning to end. A therapeutic massage is also often concluded with a therapeutic stretch. In the course you will also learn several therapeutic stretches such as self-stretching.

You pay your rate safely and securely via your credit card and our payment system here on the site. After you purchase your course, you can also start learning to massage immediately.

Online massage therapy

Frequently asked questions and answers about the online massage therapy course

Can I really become proficient at therapeutic massage through your online course?

Answer: Yes, you will learn therapeutic massage concepts and how to provide a deeper and more therapeutic therapeutic massage from beginning to end. In addition, you will also learn how to provide a therapeutic stretch of the muscles that have been treated. You will also learn self-elongation of the muscles that have been treated.

Do I need any prior knowledge for this particular therapeutic massage course?

Answer: No it’s not a must. However, we always recommend to all our customers to buy our “Swedish classic massage” course first and foremost. The reason for this is that the therapeutic course originates from the Swedish classical massage. Virtually all of our online courses originate from the Swedish classical massage, which is why it is good to always start by learning it as a foundation.

This course has a deeper and harder pressure in the actual massage that you give, do I need to be well trained and strong to learn it?

Answer: Although it can be physically strenuous to give a tougher and deeper massage, you do not need to be big, strong and well-trained to be able to give a therapeutic massage treatment. You will learn techniques on how to work with therapeutic approaches and thus also use your own body as a working tool. The most important thing is that you use the right techniques, work ergonomically well and have the right feeling to give massage.