Want to become good at massaging for house hold needs? Maybe you live in some part of the world that does not allow you to attend a physical masseur course with us? In such cases, our online massage courses are for you.

Now you can practice from the safety of your home to become really good at massaging friends, family and acquaintances. You also do this at a very good price.

From our Swedish teachers with over 20 years of experience combined in the profession, you will, among other things, get the chance to learn the world’s most famous form of massage; the Swedish classical massage.

Whatever you choose from our online massage courses, we promise you that you will be very satisfied. You will learn everything from start to finish,  how to do in order to be able to provide the massage treatment you have chosen with us.

You pay safely and securely via your credit card and our payment system here on the site after choosing one of our massage courses online.
After you have chosen and bought your course, you can start learning to massage immediately

Frequently asked questions and answers about Massage courses online

Do I need to have some prior knowledge before buying a course from you?

Answer: No, you do not need any prior knowledge at all. Our teachers will show you from start to finish how to do the massage you have chosen with us.

How soon can I learn to massage if I buy a course from you?

Answer: You can start immediately as soon as you have someone to massage and massage oil or massage lotion to massage with and then you can start. Although it is possible to learn to massage on a regular bed or mattress, we always recommend that you buy a massage bed online. We work with massage chairs and where you can find a large selection of massage benches/beds at good prices and where you also get your item sent to you.

How do I know which course (s) to choose, what is the difference between them?

Answer: You will find an explanation higher up on this page to the right that explains all the content of the courses and what they all focus on. If you are considering buying several courses, it is worthwhile to buy all our courses in a single package price, which means that you will instead save money than if you purchase several individual and separate courses.