Join our massage therapist training in Gran Canaria!

Massage & Spa School’s massage classes at Gran Canaria to massage therapist is perfect for those who want to go for a more intensive and shorter vocational education. The focus of the education is on practical work and to become a really good therapist. As a student, we offer you fixed course dates for our massage training but also flexible dates. This means that when you are at least two students booking our education to a massage therapist, you can choose for yourself when you want to attend this during the year (summer months excluded). You as a student can choose for yourself when you want to start your training. All so that you can choose what suits you best.

Tip! Combine courses for massage and sports massage and save 195€ or combine courses for massage and spa and save a total of 295€
Massage och spaskolan
Andreas Törnstrand
Head teacher




Combination prices:

Together with diploma for Sports massage 1 195€

(You Save 195€)

Together with diploma for Spa

1 695€

(You Save 195€

Course dates 2023

16 – 23 October

Last day of entry/ registration and day of payment is September 16th

Combine several courses at a discounted price

At Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria you can choose to combine your massage classes together with for example our spa therapist course. We always offer a combination at a very good and discounted price.

If you wish, we will help you to arrange accommodation with only 5 minutes walk from our location in San Agustín. Working as a massage therapist is a future profession and also a profession that is perfect for combining with other professions to give you even more knowledge and to make your work even more varied.

NOTE! Every course should have a minimum of 2-3 participants

What do our previous students say?

Do you want to work with us after the training?

“The course was very intense but I learned a lot! It is important to get as much practice as possible and luckily I got that in place after the course.”

-Jenny Alm, Sweden

“It was an educational course and Andreas was incredibly pedagogical and patient with us. Even if you started from zero, you felt that you became a really good masseur after the intense eight days ”

-Susie Ericson, Sweden

As the only educationalists and trainers of these vocational massage classes, we can also offer a selection of our students a seasonal employment with us after completed and approved training. If you would like to stay and work with us in the heat of the Gran Canarian sun, please write so in your application to us.

Of course, you are welcome to attend all our vocational training courses to massage therapist, sports massage therapist and spa therapist even without an interest in working with us after the end of the program. For all our courses you need to be 18 years of age with no prior knowledge required.

Massage & Spa School’s training for a massage therapist is quality assured and is led by our Swedish teachers, medical massage therapists, sports massage therapists and spa therapist. Please take a look to the right of the page to read what our talented and former students say about their education at Massage & Spa Gran Canaria.

“I have been trained since before as a hairdresser and have also taken courses at one of Swedens largest massage schools. Coming to the island and gaining new knowledge is important and I learned a lot! “

-Elena Svejd, Norrköping,  Sverige

“I’m so glad I chose this training! A great way to expand my business to now also be able to offer my clients massage. Fantastic teachers, I have learned so much in a short time. Can really recommend this!”

-Malin Ljung,  Sweden

Massage classes and structure

The training is conducted on site in San Agustín, Gran Canaria for 8 intensive days with both teacher-led studies and self-study. Theoretical studies are interspersed with practical training where students practice on each other and on the school’s clients. The program concludes with a practical and theoretical exam where diplomas and course certificates are given to all who pass the course requirements.

Massage therapist training and course content

– Massage history, Ergonomics and wellness, Effects and uses, Indications & Contraindications, Hygiene, Ethics, Laws, Journals, Client care.

– Basic Anatomy

– Basic Physiology

– Classic Swedish massage.

– Stretching

– Practice

The price also includes Canarian VAT (IGIC), course literature, access to a massage table, massage oil and a diploma after completed and approved course.

Terms of Registration

The course fee is paid no later than 30 days before the start of the course. Upon discontinuance after the course starts, the part of the education that is proportionally retained after the period of education in which the student has participated is returned. Transfer costs and an administrative cost of 100€ are not refundable regardless of when a discontinuance is done.

Working as a massage therapist is a profession for the future and is also a profession that you take with you wherever you want to live or work in the world. It also places great demands on yourself when you need to be responsive to and work on people’s muscle related problems. You really also need to enjoy working with people and helping them achieve a greater wellbeing.

After completing the training as a massage therapist at Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria, you are qualified to work as a trained masseur/masseause/massage therapist, it is common to work in for example gyms, clinics, spas and towards other businesses. Many massage therapists also choose to start their own business to have their own clients.

Frequently asked questions & answers about Massage & Spa School's Massage Classes

When is the deadline for registration of the courses?

Answer: 30 days previous to start of the course for both the registration and for having paid the course fee.

Can I pay the cost in parts?

Answer: Yes, when registering for the program, you can pay part 250€: – (within 14 days of your registration) which includes the registration fee of 150€ (your place is secured after confirmation from us) and 100€ administrative cost (not refundable). The remaining part of the course cost must have been paid no later than 30 days before the course start.

What is the cost of the accommodation and where will I stay?

Answer: The price varies depending on the part of the year and depending on availability. We do not offer our own accommodations at this time but can help find an affordable option close to the course local. Of course it is okay to arrange your own place to stay during the training period if you wish.

The courses are short and intense, can I really be a good massage therapist in such a short time?

Answer: Yes, you will be a really good therapist after the training. We have deliberately chosen to offer smaller student groups (2-8 people), all in order for you to receive the best possible help and support from our teachers and throughout the duration of the education as well as to make learning as effective as possible. However, it is important to remember that as a student, you also have your own responsibility to manage your self-study – as well as your practice hours, in order for the result to be as good as possible. The focus of all our courses is also on the practical work and on practicing and training to become skilled at providing an appreciated treatment to the client. Also, its pertinent that you get a lot of practice AFTER conclusion of the course.

I want to go to a massage therapist to treat my mother and my family, is it possible?

Answer: You are of course welcome to attend all our vocational education, even if it is “solely” for home use and to help loved ones.

Can I go home and have my lunch?

Answer: You can go home for lunch or for shorter breaks if you live in the accommodation that we gladly help to arrange for you which is only 5 minutes away from the school premises. If you live elsewhere, it will be difficult to get home for lunch as we have shorter breaks during intensive study days. You are also welcome to bring your lunch and snacks with you and eat in the vicinity.

Why does your education have a lower price than others?

Answer: We have lower costs in Gran Canaria for premises, taxes, staff costs and more than you have as a teacher / school in Sweden. Furthermore, our students have to fly to Gran Canaria round-trip and pay for an accommodation during the time of the education. That is why we can and do need to keep prices lower than our competitors do.

I am 50+ and interested in taking a course with you, is this possible?

Answer: Just everyone (who has turned 18) is welcome as students with us, no prior knowledge needed.

What can an ordinary day look like?

Answer: We start with theoretical review and lecture at 08:30 before the practical work begins. Students get to practice on each other. When one part is finished, the students change places and the person who received treatment is now given the treatment instead and vice versa. All under teacher assistance for every step. The breaks are short and intense, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. One day at school ends around 1:30 pm but the day for the students does not end there. Students receive homework for self-study every day for 3-4 hours. Here, students have freedom under responsibility and can choose to do their self-study at one time or later. Where you do your self-study is also up to each student depending on what suits him / her best. Many students take the opportunity to lie down by the pool and also to take the opportunity to enjoy some sun and heat while doing their studies while others would rather sit on the terrace or in their accommodation and do their studies. During the study period, the students will also be allowed to practice on the school’s clients just to have the opportunity to try to treat people and bodies other than the fellow students. The students will also be able to follow along in the daily activities in practice and to see how they work in the field.

Which languages are classes in?

Answer: The courses are conducted in either Swedish or English through our skilled Swedish teachers, obviously if you are a non-Scandinavian, the language will then be in English. The course material is also in either Swedish or English.