Massage course

Take the diploma in Massage for 8 intensive days. The course gives you the basics for what you need for your future career as a massage therapist. Click on the button to read more!



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Sports massage

The continuing course in Sports Massage is the course that further sharpens your knowledge and makes you become a greater massage therapist. To read more , click on the button!



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Spa therapist

A basic course for a Spa Therapist diploma is an intensive course where you will gain the knowledge to perform the largest and most common spa treatments. It's a perfect way to see if this is YOUR future profession.



A Massage school for you!

Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria offers you an intensive and short vocational training to become a massage therapist, sports massage therapist and spa therapist in the world’s best year-round climate. We are located in quiet and beautiful San Agustín in Gran Canaria.

Languages at our massage school

Our courses at our massage school are all conducted in English and it is common for us and we cater to students from Sweden, Norway as well as English speakers. Our talented teachers speak these languages and can easily clarify if there is a need for that at any part of the course.

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Course start 2024

28 Februari – 6 March

16 – 23 Oktober

Price: 895€ incl. VAT

Course start 2024

7 – 10 March

23 – 27 Oktober


495€ incl. VAT

Course start 2024

Open for applications


1095€ incl. VAT

                         Dates and accommodation

As our student, you can choose to start your training with us at our massage school at your own convenience. We also have our fixed course dates for our massage courses and our training for the spa therapist to choose from. You can also choose to stay only a short walk away from our location and if needed we always provide assistance in helping to find a nearby accommodation

Du som elev kan även välja att bo endast en kort promenad ifrån våra kurslokaler, om du vill så hjälper vi dig alltid att hitta ett närliggande boende till våra kurslokaler.

                             Who is this suited for?

Our education or courses at our spa and massage school suits all people, gender, ages and needs. Our vocational training is, as previously stated, shorter and more intensive but without ever compromising on quality. On the contrary, we have deliberately chosen to hold small classes so that you as a student would always receive the best possible help and support in learning.


Some of our previous students

                                         Why take a course with us?

Maybe you feel it is time to start a new career? You may want to become an amazing massage therapist to help loved ones? You might even want to take the opportunity to stay in Gran Canaria and work with us after your education is over? No matter what your goal is with your vocational education at Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria, you will always have your knowledge with you wherever in the world you want to live and work. We can also guarantee that you will become a really good massage therapist, sports massage therapist or spa therapist after completing our training.

An intensive course with us at the Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria is perfect for those who want to go for a short vocational education and who at the same time want to become a very good massage therapist, sportsmassage therapist or spa therapist.
Lena Gerber
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         What do we offer you?

As a student with us you also get the opportunity to combine some or all of the other vocational training courses that we can offer you. This means that you also get a broader area of ​​expertise with an even more varied work. Moreover, it makes you even more sought after in the broad labor market that awaits you. If you choose to combine several of our vocational courses, you also do so at a very good and discounted price.

           What else do we offer?

Massage & Spa School Gran Canaria’s vocational trainings are also quite unique in that we, as the only educational organizer from Scandinavia, can also offer a selection of our students a fantastic opportunity for seasonal employment as a massage therapist or as a spa therapist with us on the island after completed and approved training. If you would be interested in this, please write it in your application to us.

Of course, you are always welcome to us even if you do not want to work with us after the end of the program. That you are satisfied with your vocational education with us is something that is absolutely most important to us.